Most Amazing Selfie in the World, But the Most Dangerous

People say that Angela Nikolau's selfie is the most dangerous in the world. However, this is where Nikolau started getting her money.

When I was looking for information about rooftopping influencer who are currently famous. I found Angela Nikolau to be the most superior of the rest.

The interesting thing, she is successful and famous on social media with her partner Ivan Beerkus. Nikolau is a Russian extreme model who currently has over 760K followers on Instagram. She also with Ivan Beerkus manages accounts called Elevation.

As rooftoppers, of course what they do is very dangerous. Climb skyscrapers without safety equipment, then take selfie photos and videos. Their actions are also seen as abnormal by some, people call them 'sick couple'.

Selfie of Angela Nikolau on one of the tallest buildings in Tianjin, China. It's the most amazing selfie, but also the most dangerous. Nikolau stands at the end of the tower of one of the tallest buildings in Tianjin, China.

Based on the description of the post. Nikolau wrote that the British recognized her selfies as the most dangerous in the world.

Even though her selfies are the most dangerous. But it was from these photos that it all started, Nikolau first received money from her blog. Then Nikolau often received invitations to various photo shoots, requests to buy advertisements from her.

Keep up the good work Nikolau! You have done a great job, opening our eyes to see the beauty of the city from the top of its tallest building. Stay safe!

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