Adrenaline Rush and Making Viral-ready Videos or Photos

They are known as rooftoppers. Rooftoppers usually take photos or videos and panoramic photographs.

Did you know that fame on social media is also due to extreme courage? Adrenaline rush at the height of the building without any safety.

They are known as rooftoppers. Rooftoppers usually take photos or videos and panoramic photographs. Their photos and videos are certainly amazing and beautiful. To get good quality content, they have to risk their lives and even some of them fail and end up in death.

Yes, it does look crazy and scary. However, we must admit that fame can come from such extreme behavior. They also do it not solely for fame and making viral-ready videos or photos. But more than that, hobbies, beauty and challenges are some of the important things of it.

Rooftopping and skywalking are the ascent of rooftops, cranes, antennas, smokestacks, etc., usually illegally, to get an adrenaline rush and take selfie photos or videos.

Rooftopping is different from skywalking because it is mostly about taking panoramic photographs of the scene below and safety is more important than the thrill.

Rooftopping is an offshoot of urban exploring, but is not universally condoned among urban explorers due to high risk of possibility of fatal injures. Because it is often practised in the pursuit of making viral-ready videos or photos, it tends to result in heightened security and greater restriction against access to desirable exploration venues.

Some of the famous rooftoppers include Ivan Beerkus and his partner Angela Nikolau, Pavlo Gennadiyovich Ushivets better known as Mustang Wanted, Tom Ryaboi, Vitaliy Raskalov, Vadim Makhorov and Ally Law.

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